Brett Ratner rumoured to be on Justice League wishlist


You’ll notice in my report the other day on the Wachowski’s being up for “Justice League” I noted that there were half-a-dozen or so others on Warner’s wish-list to direct the film. I’m going to stay tight-lipped on the others, if only because I don’t want to smash the whole piƱata, but seems Superman Super Site (via ThinkMcFlyThink) have recovered the names of at least one other contender on their own.

Brett Ratner.

Can I confirm this? No sorry, I can’t. I haven’t actually heard his name mentioned in relation to the project. That doesn’t mean he isn’t being considered though; in fact, I’m willing to bet he has been mentioned as a possibility.

Surprising choice? Not at all, Ratner’s got a good relationship with Warner Bros but more so, he was originally attached to direct [the film that would become] “Superman Returns”, before the studio settled on Bryan Singer.

Good choice? No, not at all. I like the guy as a person, and I’ve enjoyed some of his work (namely “Rush Hour” and “Red Dragon”), but Ratner’s your go-to guy when you’ve got a frivolous, fluffy 90-minute action-comedy, not something huge or epic like a superhero tent-pole blockbuster – as we’ve evidenced with his “X-Men : The Last Stand”. More so, he couldn’t get “Beverly Hills Cop 4” or “Conan” up, what makes Warner think he’ll be able to have an ambitious project like this before the cameras in twelve months or so?

If Warners does go with Ratner for “Justice League” – over the likes of the Wachowski’s, or another of the names on the wish-list – I wonder if he’ll be championing Josh Hartnett, who was originally set to play the Man of Steel in his ‘Superman, again?

“Justice League”, which will united tighted wonders Batman (who will learnt this morning will not be the same incarnation of the character from “Dark Knight Rises”), Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and so on , will be in theaters 2015.