Before Sunrise 3 could be shooting in Greece as we speak!


So much for all those ‘Um, we don’t know if it’s gonna happen’ responses that actors Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply have given in recent months.

According to The Playlist, who have been on the research trail, the second sequel to “Before Sunrise” could be shooting right now…. in Greece.

The film, rumoured to be titled “Before Midnight” and reuniting the star-crossed lovers played by Hawke and Delpy in Richard Linklater’s “Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”, has only been an idea… or so we thought.

Citing several sources, largely in Greece, The Playlist has discovered Ethan Hawke has been working in the area since mid-August, as has Richard Linklater. There’s further evidence, supplied by production houses there, that the film is indeed “Before Midnight” – – or whatever they end up calling it.

If it’s indeed the film in question Hawke and Linklater are filming in Greece right now, colour me excited!