Weisz, Pepper, Sheen and Peet cut from Malick’s latest


With their immense casts and lengthy duration, it’s not unusual for Terry Malick movies to lose some actors from the final cut – look at his “Thin Red Line”, all of Mickey Rourke, Bill Pullman and Viggo Mortensen’s scenes were cut from the finished product due to a stout running time – and it’s understandably happened again with the filmmaker’s latest, “To the Wonder”.

The film, debuting at the Venice Film Festival, has been forced to lose Rachel Weisz, Barry Pepper, Michael Sheen and Amanda Peet from the picture. Goes without saying, the four only had small parts in the film.

A source tells Deadline that, of course, it’s nothing to do with the talent or the performances they gave, just the way Malick works.”.. it’s not a reflection on anything other than the story”.

The movie, likened to Malick classic “Badlands”, features Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams in the main roles.