Exclusive : Sinatra and Gardner Movie In Development

Fountainhead Productions, who have links to Simon West, are seeking scripts

There’s some interest generating amongst a few production companies with the story of Ava Gardner and her third husband, Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

The marriage lasted from 1951 – 1957 and it was her who Frank left his wife Nancy for. The Roman Catholic Church were up in arms about him leaving his wife. Gardner, after all, was a considered by many to be a real femme fatale. She had tremendous influence over many a Hollywood player. Gardner had two aborted pregnancies while with Sinatra, probably due to MGM having various ‘baby clauses’ in their stars’ contracts. It was also Gardner who managed to get Frank cast in his Oscar winning role in ‘From Here to Eternity’ in 1953.

Fountainhead Productions, who have strong links to Simon West (”Con-Air”, “The Expendables II”) are said to be seeking scripts that focus on the Gardner / Sinatra relationship and we’re still waiting eagerly for the Martin Scorsese epic-in-the-making ‘Sinatra’.

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