IM announces new projects for Phillippe, Simmons & Lau


The TIFF begins next week and we’ve already been worded up on a few screenings that will be taking place there.

A representative for IM Global says they’ll be previewing their upcoming releases “Dredd”, “The Lords of Salem” and “The Bay” from Barry Levinson there.

“Salem”, from Rob Zombie, is apparently “[expletive] brilliant”.

We’ve also been informed of a couple of the films being marketed at the festival.

Ryan Phillippe will direct and star in “Chained”, a new thriller from IM Global and producers Mark Burg (“Saw”) and Cassian Elwes (”Margin Call’), which will have a presence at the festival.

Phillippe (TV’s “Damages”) will play Reagan Pearce, a famous and troubled young actor who arrives on location to shoot a movie in a small town only to be kidnapped by two thugs and driven to a remote tin shack in the swamp. Reagan is forced to watch as the men exposes the actor’s secrets to the world, destroying his career and reputation. Reagan discovers the motive for the kidnapping, and upon realizing his kidnappers have no plans to ever let him go, takes matters into his own hands. Could be the beginning of a new franchise.

Phillippe is no stranger to the genre, having starred in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” right at the beginning of his career.

IM Global are also currently prepping “Dark Skies” starring Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton, which we’re told “Spider-Man” star J.K Simmons has just joined the cast of; and “Revenge of the Green Dragons”, for director Andy Lau (“Infernal Affairs”), which fixes on an immigrant’s relocation to China Town, NYC.

More on these next week from TIFF.