Ashley Greene


Having cut her teeth in a franchise surrounding mythical monsters of the night, and now headlining her own big-time scare-flick, one might think ”Twilight” actress Ashley Greene had a penchant for things that go bump in the night.

Not so, in fact the beautiful model cum actress says she was never even much of a believer of the occult…until she got the job on ”The Apparition”.

Now, as a result of battling creaks and bumps on screen, the Canadian actress is blaming near every unexplained occurrence on some sort of fantastical figure or haunter.

Working on writer/director Todd Lincoln’s creepy ghost flick turned Greene, 25, into the girl whose only fear is a “Fear of the unknown – one of not knowing what’s ahead” to one whose now blaming broken porcelain on Casper.

” You know what’s funny?”, Greene says, “The other day, I found broken plates and a cracked glass, behind my bed. I was like ‘My house is haunted!’. ”

“Then I realized we have had so many Earthquakes in L.A.”

Greene, mostly joking, adds “At least I hope that’s right”.

She likely is. The dashing brunette not only lives at the epicenter of the Earthquake fan club, but owns an old home. The two don’t exactly go together.

In ”The Apparition”, she plays another young woman who is caught by surprise by some strange incidents.

Kelly and Ben (Greene and Sebastian Shaw) move into their new home, only to discover it’s already inhabited by some sort of creepy unknown force. It’s soon discovered that the force was actually summoned by Ben, by way of some sort of parapsychology experiment.

The new house-guest feeds off people’s fears, explains the actress.

“I think fear is a very powerful thing”, says Greene, who aside from the “Twilight” films has also starred in the films “Skateland” and TV’s “Pan Am”. “It stops people from doing a lot of things.”

One thing it wouldn’t stop her from doing though is getting the hell out of any haunted house – as opposed to her character in the film, who sticks around to battle the spite.

“I would get out – – I would definitely get out. I like to think I’m a strong person but Kelly is a little braver than I am. ”

What helped Greene get into the mindset of playing a character whose abode was overtaken by an unseen force was the filming locale.

“I loved filming in Germany. I liked that we got to shoot it there. And the nice part of it was that it kind of alienated us a bit. Which was especially helpful when shooting this film.”

Next, Greene’s donning the cropped wig again to play the all-knowing vampire Alice Cullen in the final instalment in the “Twilight” series.