Full trailer for The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2


Be still my glittery throbbing deer heart.

The full trailer for this year’s most anticipated vampire-werewolf love-triangle movie (I’m sure there’s more than one, right!?) “The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn” has crept online.

Will it be great!? Will it suck!? Will it blow like a “Snow White” director’s reputation? Doesn’t much matter, it’ll be wealthier than you by Christmas. Beeyatch.

Got to change my bike shorts.

On a quick side-note, I saw Kristen Stewart – all of her – in “On the Road” this week. Reviews are pretty mixed for the thing, but the flick has stayed with me.. so I’m thinking I might be one of a small selection who actually dug the film. I actually quite liked Stewart in the film too – she pulled it off. And she gave a great performance too.