Bette Midler and Billy Crystal comedy Parental Guidance has a trailer


Walden Media – seemingly in association with Dr90210 – have Bette Midler and Billy Crystal fronting their Chrissy release “Parental Guidance”, a new comedy about a couple of long-suffering Metamucil-guzzling grandparents who are forced to put up with the grand-kids. Could be really good… or it could be “Father’s Day” meets “Drowning Mona” by way of Twilight-career-suicide. Personally – after viewing the trailer – I think it looks like a bit of fun.. in that ‘lazy John Hughes’ way. Think “Uncle Buck” – without the ‘adults at children’s prices’ gimmick that was so prevalent in 1989.

Andy Fickman, of “Race to Witch Mountain” fame (!?), directs.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think…