Bourne director Liman back in Spy mode for The Tourist


I read the header ‘Doug Liman doing THE TOURIST’ over at Deadline and just about pressed the eject button on my career. ‘Shit’, I said to myself, ‘Nobody saw that piece of crap first time around, why will they see it now – – and without Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie for slimer’s sake!?’

Alas, I jumped the gun, broom and the dead mouse on the office floor. It’s a whole different “Tourist” that Liman will direct.

This one’s based on a book series by Olen Steinhauer. Sony Pictures has picked up the rights to ‘The Tourist’, ‘Nearest Exit ‘and ‘An American Spy’.

You don’t even need to read the synopsis to know that Liman, having directed the finest of the finest spy movies in “The Bourne Identity”, is a perfect match for the material.

But, for the sake of playing completist, “The books revolve around Milo Weaver, a burned-out spy for a clandestine U.S. intelligence agency that battles global organized crime, terrorists and the like. Just when he has finally found some happiness, an investigation into the death of a hired killer he’d been hunting threatens to ruin everything.”

Sounds like fun.