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Viggo Mortensen playing Dr.Strange in Thor 2?

Joel Edgerton was also said to be in the mix to play the part

As Channing Tatum will attest, it not only pays well to don plastic knickers but the opportunity can lead to juicy offers.

Just as they’ve done with their previous films, Marvel are planning on introducing – by way of cameo – another big screen superhero in one of their upcoming superhero sequels.

ThePlaylist and ScreenRant are reporting that Dr Strange, the magic man at the centre of the Marvel mag, may pop up in ”Thor : The Dark World”.

The studio is apparently also hammering down an actor to play the role of whiskers face, with Viggo Mortensen the front runner for the role.

Joel Edgerton was apparently being courted, but the in-demand Aussie actor has more on his to-do list than a Hilton sister, so Feige and his filthy fucking rich team have been chasing “Lord of the Rings” and “History of Violence” dude Viggo.

It’s all just rumour fodder at the moment, but a feasible one I guess.. Since marvel love packing their films with more faces than a Where’s Wally print.

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