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Pirates 5 not happening yet, but when it does will it be in full Bloom!?

Erroneous reports suggested it would film 2012; plus Orlando rumoured to return


Internet Scuttlebutt – technical term, not a supporting character from Pixar’s upcoming “A Bug’s Life 2 : The Pesticide Years” – earlier today had it that Disney’s fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie was set to roll in Puerto Rico by the end of this year.

Not so fast, Sparrow.

Considering the film was without script a few days back when star Geoffrey Rush offered Collider an update on the film’s progress, that would mean some pretty swift progress has been done on the fourth sequel to “Pirates of the Caribbean” in recent, erm, hours. And the truth is, it hasn’t – progressive work been done.

The erroneous report surfaced via this website who, quoting the the executive director of the Puerto Rico Film Commission, said that Hawaii – the usually shooting locale for the “Pirates” movies – had been nixed this time around, and that the next – the one shooting this year – would instead be using the equally-tropical terrain of Puerto Rico.

Disney confirms that the aforesaid story is inaccurate and that the movie is still in the “development” phase. Meaning? It’s still a year or two off from going before the cameras.

A separate Disney contact also confirmed that “Pirates 5” is still with the writers.

Pushing for a bit more info over email, I got back a intriguing one-line response :

Will Turner’s story might not be finished…

So Orlando Bloom’s back?

Ah, interesting.

No Keira Knightley?

As we now know, it’s early days for the script (in fact, it sounds as if it’s merely in dot point form at present) , and while I can’t get out more out of my source, that quick return would suggest only Bloom – and not his on-screen wife – is being considered for a reprise this time around.

I don’t why?, and I’m not being told why, but it might simply be because the story they’re going with only dictates the need for Bloom’s Will Turner, and not Knightley’s Elizabeth Swan, but it could also be because Brit boy Bloom’s a little more open and available than Academy darling Knightley. After all, while he’s been putting food on the table doing stuff like Paul W.S Anderson’s “Three Musketeers” and the barely-released “The Good Doctor”, she’s off snagging accolades for flicks like “Anna Karenina” – likely to be one of next year’s big Oscar contenders. She’s a harder-catch, I guess. And maybe Penelope Cruz is returning for the next one too? And Disney have decided she’s ‘enough’ woman for the franchise for the moment.

Would you be keen to see Bloom – who skipped, with Knightley, the last “Pirates” movie – rejoin Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush in “Pirates of the Caribbean 5”? Yes? No? Whichever way you sway, doesn’t much matter, it’s not happening this year – or anytime soon by the sounds of it.

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