CW Monster series from Ellis, Schwartz & Hardwicke coming


Three pop culture magnates, Bret Easton Ellis (“American Psycho”), Josh Schwartz (“Chuck”, “The OC”), and Catherine Hardwicke (“Twilight”, the upcoming “Plush”) are uniting for a new High School-Set Monster drama at the CW, says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Copeland Prep” will tell of a “competitive secondary school that’s turning it’s students into monsters”.

Author and filmmaker Ellis will write and executive produce the series, which Fake Empire’s Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Len Goldstein and Nicky Weinstock are EPing for Warner Bros. Television. Hardwicke, who knows a thing or two about monsters having helmed the monstrously successful vamp-on-human smash “Twilight”, will be a creative consultant on the show.

Sounds like a nice cross between “Buffy” and “The Faculty”.