Entourage movie script nearly complete, says Ellin


“Entourage” creator Doug Ellin is just about finished the script for the film version of the HBO doozie, the head-honcho tells Deadline.

Ellin says “Entourage” executive producer Mark Wahlberg has threatened to kick his rear if he doesn’t finish the script soon. Wahlberg, it seems, has an idea when he’d like to see the movie hit cinemas and it’s sometime between now, a bit after now, and around now.

Ellin says his “Entourage” movie will kick-off with Ari now the head of a studio (while, let me guess, Vinnie gets head?! – c’mon!)

“There are interesting developments about Ari as a studio head, and that’s still the first page for me. But foremost is the friendship between the guys who are still hanging out and going to fun parties, and it continues with the same characters.”

Though they’re all currently steadily employed, the cast of the series are willing and ready to do the movie when Ellin slams the pencil down and HBO (who are yet to officially greenlight the project, and likely won’t until they’ve read the complete script) presses go.

Speaking of “Entourage”, ‘Mrs Ari’ Perrey Reeves has just snagged herself a plum female lead in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced NBC drama pilot ”The Secret Lives Of Husbands And Wives”.

Deadline says the offering is “described as thriller/dramatic soap that centers on a murder and the secrets and lies within a tightly woven group of three suburban couples and their families exposed in its aftermath. Reeves will play half of one of the three couples, Danielle Deaver, described as flirty and funny woman with a tightly wound personality and a dark secret that not even she knows about.”
Reeves, some may recall, also battled the demonic plastic bitch ‘Chucky’ in “Child’s Play 3”. Not that she owns up to it, too often.

Whatever the case, I’m missing those cats from “Entourage”…