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10 Breaking Bits : 300, Cougar Town, Dallas, Nympohmaniac & more

A bunch of various bits that you may have missed, for whatever reason, over the past 24 hours or so

1. Creamy studio sandwich Lionsgate and Summit – now being one – have announced a March 21, 2014 for the virgin entry in their next big franchise hopeful, “Divergent”. Though currently without a director, the script is being penned by “Snow White & the Other Chick’s Hubby” scribe Evan Daugherty.

2. Fusible have discovered that Warner Bros has – for the twentieth time – changed the title of their “300” prequel. The movie is now known as “300 : Rise of an Empire” – which, quite frankly, better bloody include a Palpatine cameo if it’s going out with that title.

3. New episodes of “Cougar Town” begin airing January 8 on TBS. They saved Conan, now the cabler has saved… whatsherface from ‘Friends’ from having to do a “Zoom” sequel.

4. Emma Bell, one of the dicees from “Final Destination 5”, is joining TV’s “Dallas”. She’ll play Emma Brown, ” a sheltered classic beauty who was raised by her grandmother and has traveled through Europe since she was a toddler. An avid equestrian, she feels safest in her bubble but is about to discover what lies beyond.” No doubt she sleeps with those young boys. Or JR. on the show.

5. “Community” star Donald Glover is developing a new series at NBC, loosely based on his own life. Matt Hubbard of “30 Rock” has partnered with Glover on the show.

6. “American Pie :Reunion” writer/directors Jon Hurtwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are – in addition to secretly developing a sequel to their hot “Pie” offering from earlier this year- producing a new untitled cop comedy for Universal. The Blake McCormick scripted flick will fix on ” “two best friends who, dressed as cops for a costume party, are mistaken for real officers and forced to take a dangerous criminal back to the police station.”

7. Ewan McGregor is joining the cast of “August : Osange County”, the oestrogen-fest featuring Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep, among others.

8. Comeback kid Christian Slater, next in Sly Stallone’s “Bullet to the Head”, will ditch the togs for Lars Von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac”, the saucy drama that’ll star Shia LaBeouf and, ideally, be sponsored by Trojan. The film will be released in both soft-core and hard-core versions.

9. A new poster for Scott Derrickson’s creepy new flick “Sinister”, starring the always-dependable Ethan Hawke, has emerged.

10. Brad Pitt will produce and possibly star in a feature based on Edwin Black’s New York Times bestseller ”IBM and the Holocaust”, a ”2001 book that examined the computer solutions giant’s indispensible role in facilitating the Third Reich’s extermination of European Jewry. ” Pitt’s considering either a cable or theatrical bow for the film.

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