J.D Shapiro, wordsmith of “Robin Hood : Men in Tights”, will take the Mickey out of the Knights of the Roundtable in a future feature.

“Knights” will be a politically incorrect and absurdly zany look at the sword-wielding Knights’ – including Arthur, who instead of yanking the sword from the stone and carrying it around will instead start getting about with the rock, which he believes entitles him to then be King of England.

Other characters in the script include, of course, Sir Lancearoundalot! (Cary Elwes, please!?)

The project, previously in the works with National Lampoon under the title “Knights of the Not So Round Table”, is being produced through Fleur De Lis Film Studios.

“In 524 AD, Arthur Lol Pendragon went to Camelot. One thousand, four hundred and eighty five years later this footage was found. What it reveals is both shocking and more shocking. We have discovered that, out of all the legendary tales told about King Arthur and his knights… not one of them got it right.”.

Shapiro will direct the feature, which is now in pre-production for a 2014 release.