Affleck brothers and Damon team for Race to the South Pole


Casey Affleck will star in the icy offering “Race to the South Pole”, a Warner Bros drama that brother Ben and Matt Damon will produce.

The Hollywood Reporter says of the pitch from Peter Glanz :

Like its title suggests, the project aims to tell the true story of two explorers and their pursuit to be the first person to reach the last uncharterd territory on the planet in the early 1900s, the South Pole. Englishman Robert Falcon Scott and Norwegian Roald Amundsen were explorers from antithetical countries (one from the era’s most powerful empire, the other a country that had just achieved independence). Their race, seen as heroic during a golden age of exploration, sparked international interest and galvanized the world to see who would reach the Southernmost point first.

Affleck (“Gone Baby Gone”) will play Scott.

Affleck and Damon, with newly-installed partner Jennifer Todd, produce via their new WB-based shingle Pearl Street.