Brett Ratner producing a remake of The Flamingo Kid


For no sensible reason – other than old Hector Elizondo movies deserve to be immortalized in some form or fashion – Brett Ratner has decided it’s time to produce a remake of Matt Dillon classic “The Flamingo Kid”.

The Garry Marshall directed original told of a blue-collar youngster who gets a job at a resort over the summer period and is taken under the wing of the owner, who helps transform him into a preppy, well-to-do type. Ratner would produce the film, alongside Michael Phillips.

Nzingha Stewart’s is on scripting duties, but there’s no director attached.

Granted, Ratner has a habit for attaching himself to properties – you only need check out his IMDB page to see just how many things he’s commited himself to – and there’s no feasible way he’s going to get to all 400 of those future projects, so don’t go wasting blobs of tears yet. I mean, how many years have we been waiting for Rat’s “Beverly Hills Cop 4” now? five? at least, right!?