Trailer for Nature Calls with Patton Oswalt and Rob Riggle


The trailer for boy scout spoof “Nature Calls”, starring Patton Oswalt, has emerged over at Yahoo! Movies.

The pic, which also stars Rob Riggle, Johnny Knoxville, Patrice O’Neal, Maura Tierney, and Darrell Hammond, looks like a fun cross between “Meatballs” and “Bushwhacked”.

Oswalt stars as Scoutmaster Randy Stevens, whose dwindling, apathetic troop ditches a scout meeting in favor of a TV-themed slumber party hosted by Randy’s brother Kirk (Knoxville), his polar opposite and arch nemesis. When Randy rounds up the boys in the middle of the night, stealing them for an highly unauthorized/unorganized trip to the woods, all hell breaks loose as Kirk pursues with a pair of gun-toting employees (Riggle and O’Neal). Drinking, nudity, mishandled fireworks and tremendously inappropriate behavior around minors ensues, in the grand tradition of comedy classics like The Bad News Bears and Meatballs.

Magnet will release the film this fall through its Ultra VOD program, debuting the film on all VOD platforms on October 4th, with a theatrical release to follow on November 9th