John Travolta says he may doing the remake of The Killer


John Travolta may reunite with his “Face/Off” director John Woo for the English-language remake of “The Killer”, Screen Daily reports.

Travolta, who also made “Broken Arrow” with Woo, was at the Zurich Film Festival when he announced he was “entertaining the possibility of doing” the film.

The 3D remake of “The Killer”, which Woo will produce and John H Lee directs, will be backed by Essential Entertainment and Lions Rock Productions.

Travolta also spoke of another film he’s up for. “I’m also considering doing a US film about the football coach Vince Lombardi, who coached my dad [Salvatore Travolta] before he went professional,” the star of the upcoming “Killing Season” said. “I would play Vince Lomabrdi.”