Live Free or Die exceptionally preserved ; Len Wiseman to direct Mummy reboot!


There’s a third brand likely to join the badly burnt “Total Recall” and “Die Hard” titles in a search for cinematic canesten cream : “The Mummy”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, rapist-rebooter Len Wiseman (“Live Free or Die Hard”, “Underworld”, “Total Recall”) has been tapped to pen Universal’s reboot of the classic monster masher, which Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing.

Jon Spaihts’ script for the rejig of the unyielding “Mummy” movie series is reportedly set in the modern ages (and, since Wiseman is helming, will feature a mass of murky colours and quite likely, Kate Beckinsale).

“I think the sensibility and the cutting edge of Underworld is a fantastic meld for what we want to do going forward with The Mummy,” said Producer Sean Daniels. “We are going to push the edge of scary entertainment.”

Not excited.