10 Breaking Bits : Catching Fire, Spy Hunter, Ant-Man, X-Men 4 & More


1. The “Ant-Man” test footage that Edgar Wright screened at Comic-Con isn’t officially available online yet (though Marvel has suggested it will be at some stage) but an artist’s representation of what was shown is. Watch it Here

2. Australian distributor Transmission has announced a January 9 home entertainment release for “Universal Soldier : Day of Reckoning”, available on 3D Blu-ray, DVD and digital download.

3. George C.Wolfe is set to direct Oscar Winner Hilary Swank in “You’re Not You”, based on the book of the same name. The movie stars Swank as a young woman stricken with a fatal illness, and her caregiver.

4. Richard Kelly (“The Box”) will direct Nicolas Cage in “Amicus”, the story of a real-life record producer who hired a hitman to murder his family so he could inherit their wealth.

5. Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”) will direct the thriller “Trust Your Eyes”, “described as a cross between Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” and Barry Levinson’s “Rain Man,” story follows a schizophrenic, map-obsessed savant who witnesses a murder online on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He insists that his older brother investigate, and it’s not long before the siblings cross paths with a politically-connected ex-cop and his ice pick-wielding henchwoman, who are themselves scrambling to clean up after a high-stakes screwup.”

6. Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”, “Gangster Squad”) is said to be attached to the long-gestating film adaptation of the video game “Spy Hunter”. Fleischer, tossing out previous scripts by Chad St.John and Stuart Beattie, succeeds John Woo and Paul W.S Anderson on a project originally eyed by Dwayne Johnson.

7. Justin Timberlake will play an alcoholic food critic in “The Last Drop”, a Peter Sollett directed movie about a “charming alcoholic who works as a restaurant critic for New York Magazine. When he falls for a young woman, he realizes he must overcome his self-destructive addiction in order to have a real chance with her.”

8. New set pics, namely of Donald Sutherland, from “The Hunger Games : Catching Fire” are online.

9. Several new set pics from “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn”, featuring Robin Williams and Mila Kunis in-character, are online. Here’s a couple :

10. Patrick Stewart hints at an appearance as Professor X in an upcoming “X-Men” movie – – anyone’s guess which and how, though.