Daniel Bernhardt swaps Blood Sport franchise for Hunger Games


Martial-arts star Daniel Bernhardt is one of the final cast-members to be announced for “The Hunger Games : Catching Fire”.

Bernhardt is a regular presence in action films – his credits include three sequels to the Van Damme film “Blood Sport”, both of which went direct-to-video, and the “Matrix” series – but “Catching Fire” is undoubtedly the biggest release the has been in for quite some time.

The actor, who played Siro on TV’s “Mortal Kombat : Conquest”, also has a part in the upcoming “Parker” starring Jason Statham.

Bernhardt was one of several new actors announced earlier today as signing for roles in “Catching Fire”; also onboard are James Logan, Justin Hix and John Casino, among others.

The Swiss actor is playing a District 9 Tribute boy in director Francis Lawrence’s sequel.