Bruce Boxleitner on Tron 3 : ‘It’s not an If, it’s a when’


A third “TRON” movie will definitely happen, series star Bruce Boxleitner says.

“It’s not an if, it’s a when”, the veteran actor is quoted as saying in this month’s issue of SciFiNow magazine, adding that the movie has been in development for quite some time now.

The actor expects he’ll definitely be asked back to reprise Alan Bradley when the sequel emerges from development and transitions into the production phase. “I think Alan Bradley is a very important character, as well as Tron certainly. With one you get the other, I’m very excited about [Tron 3’s] prospects.”

Boxleitner says he’s been pulled up by the brass at Disney before for prematurely announcing that another “Tron” was in the works, but believes speaking out of line may also be helping the film’s chances. It was the actor that first let slip that a second sequel to the 1982 film was in the works; the slip led the head of production at Disney to say, albeit tongue-in-cheek, “I guess we’ll have to make this now”.

Whether the big men follow through with their promise is another thing. If it happens, the actor says “he’s there” if Disney also decides they want him to reprise Tron, as well as Bradley.