Little House on the Prairie : The Movie from David Gordon Green!?


This next item is brought to you by the letters ‘W’ ‘T’ and ‘F’.

David Gordon Green, director of imminent cult faves “Eastbound and Down” and “The Pineapple Express”, seems intent on branching from the funny stuff. The filmmaker is bringing “Little House on the Prairie” to the big screen, according to Deadline.

Yep, that was my response too.

Granted, “Prairie” was a book before it was ever a beloved TV series – starring the likes of Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert – but still? Odd choice, if I do say so.

Abi Morgan (”Shame”) will write the script, and given her previous credits it’d suggest this won’t be a spoof or anything less than a straight-up adaptation, but Sony’s not talking yet so until they do let’s remain hopeful that Green’s wasn’t high on dish washing detergent and blindfolded into picking his next project from a bucket of bobbing apples when this came about.