Revenge : The Complete First Season

Definitely a show for the chicks, but one you’ll quietly find yourself engaged in should you be sitting in the room at the time.

Needless to say, since it’s all there in the title, it’s pure trash, but it’s well written trash and features a pretty capable cast, including ’90s screen siren Madeline Stowe (”Stakeout”, ”Blink”), ”Roswell” star Nick Weschler, and “Everwood” cutie Emily Van Camp (Everwood) who plays the lead role of a young woman who, under an alias, plots her revenge against the rich snobs that destroyed her family.

There’s twists and turns along the way, and another scumbags to give J.R Ewing a run for his money but again, don’t dive headfirst into a marathon expecting “Boardwalk Empire”.

DVD Extras : Just six little deleted scenes, all swimming on their lonesome in a big empty blob of liquified supplement space.

The show itself is presented across 6 finely-transferred discs.

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