M.Night Shyamalan’s doing a Moby Dick project too!


His mightn’t have the unique twist (I know, right!?) of the space-set one announced yesterday, but M.Night Shyamalan has a ‘Moby Dick’ related project in the works too.

According to Deadline, the fallen great (sorry man, but you lost me at “Lady in the Drink”… or whatever that atrocity was blessed) has teamed with ”Eagle Eye” (snooze) writer John Glenn for a drama project at NBC called “Lost Horizon”.

Deadline, who shared the news of Shyamalan’s transition to TV, said :

The premise is being kept under wraps but I hear Lost Horizon revolves around a small fishing village on the East Coast. It is being described as a modern-day Moby Dick, dealing with obsession and the unknown, themes that are often reflected in Shyamalan’s movies. Shyamalan is attached to direct the potential pilot, which will be written by Glenn.

Shyamalan, seemingly had it with both critics and cinemagoers and their insistent hissing, seems intent on making TV his new home. He’s also got a show called “Proof”, which he is co-writing with Marti Noxon and will direct, set up at SyFy. His latest feature film “After Earth”, starring Will and Jaden Smith, is due next Summer.