Why we won’t see a sequel to The Princess Bride


It’s probably a good thing writers block did put a stop to any second helping (come on, the original is a singular piece of brilliance; one can’t imagine any kind of sequel or prequel solidifying the 1987 films reputation as a bonafide classic, if anything, a sequel could tarnish it), but “Princess Bride” writer William Goldman remains hopeful that he’ll come up with an idea good enough for a sequel.

Acknowledging time isn’t exactly on his side, the Oscar Winning screenwriter, 81, said “Princess Bride 2” is the one unproduced film he’d love to have seen happen.

“I’m desperate to make it and write it and I don’t know how,” said an emotional Goldman, who got together with the cast and crew of the original this week for a 25th Anniversary do. “I would love to make it, more than anything else I’ve not written.”

Most of the actors involved in the original movie, including Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal and Mandy Patinkin, have said before that “Princess Bride” shouldn’t ever evolve into a franchise. Aware of the beautiful little movie’s magic, most – I believe even director Rob Reiner, who’d probably be game to make a buck too, is dead against it – they don’t fancy a reprise.

A few years back there were rumours that a sequel was indeed inching towards the development phase; said to be titled “Buttercup’s Baby”, it was proposed for a 2009 release. Seemingly Goldman’s inability to crack the script, and the reluctance of the cast and crew, put an end to any tentative plan.

If I were a betting man, I’d say there’s a fair chance that another “Princess Bride” movie will happen in the future – but it won’t be the one Goldman wants to see happen, nor the one that deserves to come to fruition. No, with other Reagan-era fantasy classics like “The Never Ending Story” and “Labyrinth” all deemed remake worthy in recent months by Hollywood, I think it’s safe to say we can expect a far less magical do-over.

Whatever makes you happy Hollywood – or should I say, as you wish. Luckily for us, we’ve a perfectly good “Princess Bride” amongst the offerings in our private home DVD and Blu-Ray collections. We’ll stick with it.