Awkward : Season 1


As Patrick Dempsey found out when his bank balance started showing 0′s upon hiring the hottest girl in school to be his girlfriend, 25 years back in “Can’t Buy Me Love”, most people will do anything to add some polish to their status or more so, be anyone else.

In “Awkward”, a new MTV series from, Jenna Hamilton’s reputation gets a boost when a unfortunate accident is mistaken by her peers as a suicide attempt. While juggling the ruse, which – strangely enough – improves her social status, Jenna’s also contending with the usual problems of teenagedom.

A clever, realistic and engaging diversion, “Awkward” doesn’t embody the watchability factor of other similar-themed series, like the cult classic “Freaks & Geeks” or the femme-friendly dramedy “Popular”, but it’s still worth a look.

DVD extras : The two-disc set includes webisodes, some brief featurettes and interviews.