Fox doesn’t like Max Landis’s Chronicle 2 script


Max Landis, the screenwriter behind smash hit “Chronicle” has signed back on to provide a sequel; however, apparently 20th Century Fox isn’t entirely happy with Landis’ latest effort, according to The Playlist.

The screenwriter’s own father, John Landis (“The Blues Brothers”, “Trading Places”), was first to reveal the news.

“He wrote a sequel, and it’s amazing,” said the elder Landis.

“The studio read it and said, “We want Chronicle again!” and he said, “No, this is the sequel, it’s the evolution,” and they said “No, we want that movie again!” So, it’s difficult, we’re dealing with a difficulty business.”

The original film told the story of three high school students who make an incredible discovery, leading to them developing strange abilities beyond their understanding. As they learnt to control their new powers and use them to their advantage, their lives begin to spiral out of control and their more sinister sides come to light.

Josh Trank, who directed the first “Chronicle”, is now attached to direct Fox’s “Fantastic Four” reboot.