Eden Wood is Darla in new Little Rascals


Eden Wood, Doris Roberts, Greg Germann, and Lex Medlin have joined the cast of Universal Home Entertainment’s “Little Rascals” reboot, according to THR.

The film, directed by “Inspector Gadget 2” helmer Alex Zamm, again centers on a group of pint-sized misfits, made famous in Hal Roach’s series of 1920’s and 1930’s shorts.

“Toddlers & Tiaras” ‘star’ Wood plays Darla, former “Everybody Loves Raymond” star Roberts is playing “a bakery-running grandma who sees the kids as her children”, “All McBeal” alum Germann is a “rich guy who schemes to take over the bakery so he can build a putting green behind his mega-mansion”, and “Drop Dead Diva” co-star Medlin will be “a police officer with a crush on the kids’ teacher, Miss Crabtree.”

Here’s the storyline for the Mike ‘Beethoven’s Big Break’ Elliott produced film :

When their beloved adopted GRANDMA is about to lose her bakery to scheming millionaire, BIG RAY KAYE, the LITTLE RASCALS try to raise the money to help. But their hare-brained schemes, masterminded by SPANKY, result in comical disaster. Their last hope is performing on a television talent show, but the kids are up against some notably glitzy competition, and their ragtag band has an uphill battle if they hope to win the big cash prize…