Stallone-De Niro boxing flick Grudge Match greenlit; Kevin Hart joins cast


Kevin Hart will join Hollywood veterans Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in Warner Bros latest flick “Grudge Match”, according to

After his performance in “Think Like A Man”, Hart has become hot property in Hollywood; however, the real drawcard will be to see Jake LaMotta from “Raging Bull” and Rocky Balboa go head-to-head in a grudge match.

Written by Doug Ellin, the film tells the story of two retired brawlers (Stallone and De Niro) who find themselves once again squaring off for a fight; Hart will play the role of the fight promoter who convinces the pair to get back in the ring.

The studio has also greenlighted Peter Segal to direct, with Billy Gerber and Mark Steven Johnson to produce.