True Blood‘s Deborah Ann Woll sinks her teeth into Zac Efron comedy


“True Blood” head-turner Deborah Ann Woll is set to join former Disney necksucker Zac Efron for the romantic comedy “Are We Officially Dating?”.

The actress, who recently starred in the Rebecca De Mornay fronted remake of “Mother’s Day”, was picked by writer/director Tom Gorican to play one of the film’s female leads.

Deadline says the flick “follows three male friends in New York City who make a pledge to stay single just as each of them starts to fall in love. Woll’s character is the ex-wife of one of the trio at the center of the film.”

Woll will reprise her role as Jessica the vamp on “True Blood”, for the show’s sixth season, next year. Meanwhile, she continues her participation in the show that plays nightly in my dreams. Va-room!