Look out Sly! Here come the ExpendaBelles!


With “The Expendables” and “The Expendables 2” grossing $563 million worldwide, Millennium Films is looking towards the next big thing: a femme-fatale based action flick of a similar vein, according to Deadline.com.

“Legally Blonde” scribes Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith have been commissioned to write “ExpendaBelles” a spinoff action flick that will show the feminine side of the mercenary business.

The aim of the film is to create a franchise that will be driven by actresses who have starred in action films over the years, much in the same way that “The Expendables” included a team of action film staples.

Avi Lerner and Mark Gill will produce alongside Heidi Jo Markel of Eclectic Pictures and Julie Kroll of Summertime Entertainment, with Trevor Short signing on as executive producer. Millennium is expected to finance the project.

Although action flicks haven’t been as steady for actresses as it has been for their male counterparts, there have been standouts such as Angelina Jolie (“Tomb Raider”, “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”), Kate Beckinsale (“Underworld”), Milla Jovovich (“Resident Evil”), Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill”); Sigourney Weaver (“Alien”), Jennifer Garner (“Elektra”) and Michelle Yeoh (“Crouching Tiger”) have also found success in the action genre.

Millennium is said to be compiling its list of action-loving-belles to star in its film, but won’t make any offers until the writers have finished developing a script.