Ridley Scott’s daughter replaces pop on Gucci


Ridley Scott’s daughter Jordan Scott has replaced him as director in the upcoming film, “Gucci”, according to The Wrap.

Based on the family behind the fashion empire Gucci, the film will tell the story of Maurizio Gucci, grandson of the Italian fashion house’s founder, who was murdered in 1995.

The actual starring role of the film is that of Maurizio’s wife Patrizia, who was incarcerated in 199 for ordering the murder of a husband; although Angelina Jolie was tied to the role a few years back when the elder Scott was directing, focus for the part has now shifted towards Penelope Cruz.

Progress on the film has been stalled for years and has undergone several writing changes; however, the original idea was pitched in 2006 with a script from Andrea Berloff (“World Trade Center”). The Gucci fashion house has had an interest in keeping the project afloat for brand profile and recognition, especially after its inability to recover from the departure of designer Tom Ford in 2004.