Some great new Hunger Games : Catching Fire Set Pics


“Hunger Games” fansite has today released some brilliant new set photos – all credited to different, individual sources – from the shooting of “Catching Fire”.

Photos include what looks like a stage, set up for Katniss and Peeta’s Victory Tour through the Districts of Panem, complete with resplendent blue and gold banners and the seal of Panem; in the background, similar banners with the Roman numerals LXXV (or 75, for those of you playing at home) are also set up, which hint at preparations for the 75th Games that are featured in the film.

Another series of pictures also feature Jennifer Lawrence sporting Katniss’ trademark braided brown hair and wearing a navy blue dress with what look to be cowboy boots; whether this is an outfit she wears on the Victory Tour or in District 12, or simply o

ne of Lawrence’s own ensembles, is not yet confirmed. A photo has also appeared of Lawrence and co-star Josh Hutcherson on set together.

Some of the photos also feature other actors dressed head-to-toe in the white Peacekeeper uniforms; as Panem’s Police Force, the Peacekeeper presence has been thoroughly stepped up in “Catching Fire” due to the events that took place in “The Hunger Games”.

”Catching Fire” is currently filming and is slated for a November 23, 2013 release.