Exclusive : Ed Harris joins Renee Zellweger’s directorial debut 4 1/2 Minutes

The “Appaloosa” star will play Johnny Knoxville’s junkyard-owner father in the movie

One of Renee Zellweger’s more impressive turns in recent times, if that scoreboard at Rotten Tomatoes is anything to go by, was in the Ed Harris directed/starring “Appaloosa”.

As such, Zellweger’s lassoed Harris into her latest production – seemingly seeing him as some sort of lucky horseshoe.

Either because she considers him the cinematic equivalent of a necky garlic clove or she simply enjoys working with the man, Zellweger has recruited Harris to join her and Johnny Knoxville in ” 4 1/2 Minutes”, the New York-lensed comedy the “Chicago” actress will make her directorial debut on shortly, Moviehole can confirm.

The film stars Knoxville as a stand up comedian, Jimmy, who after ruining his career, having a big bust up with his junkyard-owning father (Harris), having his ex press charges against him, and losing his apartment, heads to LA for a head start. An appearance on The Tonight Show is just what Jimmy needs to get his career going again, and it happens for him, but meantime he’s also got to survive. Enter PJ (Zellweger) a single mother Jimmy once had an affair with who is now looking for someone to mind her genius son. Needless to say, the rejuvenated Jimmy grows closer to the boy as he settles into his new part-time gig as a comically-gifted carer.

The Anthony Tambakis written flick is now in pre-production, with Zellweger (also a provider on the project), currently filling the rest of the roles.

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