Exclusive : Patricia Arquette is the Woman on a Train


A couple of Freddy Krueger’s past combatants are uniting for a movie that, quite possibly, might also frighten.

Actress Patricia Aquette (“A Nightmare on Elm Street III : Dream Warriors”) and actor cum filmmaker Lisa Zane (“Freddy’s Dead : The Final Nightmare”) are leaving the demonic life-thief behind to work together on an intriguing new indy titled “Woman on a Train”, Moviehole was informed this week.

The always solid Arquette, who recently disconnected her direct line to the “Medium” world, has the female lead in the movie, the story of a woman scorned who proves to her unfaithful husband that she can give as good as she gets.

Zane’s saucy thriller fixes on a vindictive woman (Arquette) who courts and seduces her husbands new lover, a 19 year-old college student. The young girl, a beautiful poetry major, ends up sleeping with the husband and the wife at the same time… hoping it all remains on the down-low.

The film, set to lens in Los Angeles, is produced by Zane, Peter Paul Basler, Miguel Muller, Susan Ferris, and Alison Buck.

Sounds like a nice head-turning performance might be in line for Ms Arquette, whose performance in “Lost Highway” was criminally overlooked by some decrepit voting committees this side of Hollywood.