Exclusive : Del Toro talks Jackie Boy reprise for Sin City : A Dame to Kill For


Of Benicio Del Toro’s roster of roles, Jackie Boy from 2005’s “Sin City” would have to be one of the most memorable.

You’d assume then, what with the sequel about to get underway and a release date locked in for less than twelve months away, that a Jackie Boy reprise might be on the cards?

Speaking with Del Toro, he’s just as curious to know the answer to that question.

The corrupt Basin City detective is a huge part of the “Sin City” literary universe, not only appearing in the other stories but also reportedly the focus of an upcoming ‘Jack Rafferty’ spin-off book. But more so, Del Toro’s performance of the “once good cop” has made the character even more of a favourite with fans.

Yet, despite most of the “Sin City” cast – including Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Michael Madsen and Rosario Dawson – having been contacted by Rodriguez about reprising their roles in the upcoming sequel “Sin City : A Dame to Kill For”, Del Toro says he’s yet to get the call.

“It’s up to Robert Rodriguez”, says Del Toro, on whether he reprises Jackie Boy for “A Dame to Kill For”. “I don’t know anything about it, besides that I hear they’re doing it. So I don’t know? I really love working with Robert though.”

With production set to get underway shortly, and an October 2013 release slotted in, hopefully Rodriguez can pick up the phone soon and make that deal happen.

Meanwhile Del Toro suggests his next film, “Jimmy Picard” has just undergone a name change to the more intriguing-sounding “AKA Jimmy Picard”.

“It’s based on a true story about psychoanalysis”, the actor says of the flick. “It’s directed by Arnaud Desplechin, whose a French filmmaker. We shot it in Detroit and Montana. I haven’t seen it, hopefully it’s good.”

An action-comedy that Del Toro is attached to star in with Cameron Diaz (with Shane Black producing), previously titled “An Ex to Grind”, has also undergone a name change : “Agent : Century 21” is it’s new release title.