Hanna at the UK Press Conference for Frankenweenie


Apparently Tim Burton has not only got the art of filmmaking down to a Tee but also the art of persuasion. At the BFI London Film Festival press conference for ”Frankenweenie”, veteran actor Martin Landau said that ‘every time Tim asked me to do something I’d drop what I’m doing. including my pants.’

That would be an awkward scene to walk in on, but the wizened star – who first worked with Tim on the movie Ed Wood – wasn’t the only one with high praise for the director.

Martin Short voices three characters in the animated featured (including Victor Frankenstein’s father) and previously worked on Burton’s sci-fi comedy classic ”Mars Attacks!” back in 1996.

The diminutive actor said of the experience, ‘I was so thrilled to meet Tim who was unbelievably collaborative and really wanted to know what you thought.’

After treating us to an excellent impression of his director, Martin again heaped on the appreciation saying it ‘was an ideal working situation for an actor.’

So Tim Burton seemed pretty happy with that description, but there is one adjective he doesn’t like being used to describe his work.

‘From the very beginning my films have been labeled as dark but I’ve never felt that way’

Well it is in black and white Tim.