Lee Daniels to direct Amy Adams as Janis Joplin


We know what a great voice she is, having heard her sing now in both “The Muppets” and “Enchanted”, so no doubt Amy Adams is going to make a great Janis Joplin (much better than – in my opinion – Renee Zellweger, who was also attached to play the musician at one stage). And even better, Lee Daniels (“The Paperboy”) is the one that’ll be directing the film in which the Oscar Nominee plays the musician.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this afternoon that Daniels will helm “Get it While You Can”, in which the Nominated Actress plays Joplin.

The script, by Ron Terry, who wrote the screenplay with his wife, Theresa Kounin-Terry, chronicles the life and career of a woman best known for such hits as “Me and Bobby McGee” and “Piece of My Heart”.

An early 2013 start is planned for the independently financed production.