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New Derek Haas spy thriller already being developed for the screen

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Moviehole's Sydney based news editor and interviewer. Works for the Austereo network.

Gee, it must be nice to have your latest novel already being made into a movie – before it’s even hit the shelves!

That’s what’s happened for novelist Derek Haas, whose upcoming spy thriller “The Right Hand” has been bought by Universal Pictures.

Deadline is reporting Michael Brandt and Haas will co-write the film adaptation, after their success with “Wanted” and “3:10 To Yuma”. Both are also behind the recently-launched NBC TV show “Chicago Fire”.

Now about the book- “The Right Hand” stars a spy called Austin Clay, whose work is so secret the government can’t confirm he exists (sounds good already!). So he gets sent to find a missing American operative in Russia- cue conspiracy, a mole and plenty of double crossing.

The novel will be released in the middle of November – check out the trailer below.

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Moviehole's Sydney based news editor and interviewer. Works for the Austereo network.

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