10 Breaking Bits : Mama, Frankenstein, Double Cross, Haunt, Heathcliff & More


1. Aussie actress Jacki Weaver (“The Five-Year Engagement”) is starring in the horror film “Haunt”, fixing on a family that moves into a new home with a dark past. Liana Liberato (”Trust”) and Harrison Gilbertson are also onboard the film.

2. QED and James Patterson are nutting out a deal to turn the latter author’s book “Double Cross” into the next Alex Perry film. Tyler Perry, who debuts as Cross in the new film “Alex Cross”, would reprise the role.

3. Kevin Connolly (“Entourage”) will headline the new CBS sitcom “I Love You Like A Brother”, in which the actor plays “the youngest of three brothers who realizes that his non-communicative family isn’t normal or healthy, and tries to force his brothers and parents to become closer.”

4. Waterman Entertainment are bringing “Heathcliff” to the big screen. The shingle proposed a CGI/live-action film and a 13-episode animated series.

5. David Duchovny, Hope Davis, and Timothy Hutton are starring in ”After The Fall”, which is “based on the true story of John and Brenda Fareri, grieving parents who used the unexpected death of their young daughter Maria as the impetus to build a world class state of the art children’s hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process.” Anthony Fabian directs.

6. Diane Kruger (“Troy”) and Anton Yelchin (“Like Crazy”) will star in the Victor Levin-directed romantic comedy ”5 To 7”, about “an aspiring novelist in a tryst with the beautiful wife of a french diplomat.”

7. TNT has greenlit a series based on Dean Koontz’s series of “Frankenstein” novels. “Feature writer James V. Hart (Dracula, Hook) and his son Jake Hart will write the project, a modern-day reworking of the classic Frankenstein mythology. It is set in present-day New Orleans and follows Victor Helios (Frankenstein) and his creation 200 years after they thought they killed each other in a battle in the Arctic. The creature has survived and Victor has used science to keep himself alive — and they’re now in the same city unbeknownst to each other. Victor has engineered a new race of bizarre beings who answer to him, and when the creature learns that Victor is alive, an epic war ensues built on 200 years of pent-up rage, with New Orleans caught in the middle. ”

8. Jack Huston and Brit Marling have been snapped up for “Posthumous”, an edgy dramatic comedy directed by Lulu Wang about ”a struggling artist whose artwork skyrockets in value when he is mistakenly thought to have killed himself. The artist decides to keep up the charade by pretending to be his own brother, but the entire plan is put in jeopardy when he befriends an enthusiastic reporter (Marling) who begins to show him the real value of life and art”.

9. Mark Strong and Tessa Farmiga will star in “Mindscape”, for Jaume Collet-Serra. The movie, also starring Brian Cox, “centers on a man who can enter peoples’ memories and who takes on the case of a brilliant, troubled and dangerous teenage girl to determine whether she is a sociopath or a trauma victim.”

10. Guillermo Del Toro-produced flick “Mama” has a new trailer :