Moviehole UK : A Sinister Night Out


A Sinister night out

To get you in the mood for Halloween, amongst all the new movies on offer this autumn, there’s a batch of horror flicks. The latest one to be released in the UK is ”Sinister”, a film that has echoes of the Blair Witch project and more with the focus of the story on some old Super 8 reels of film found in an attic of a house where a whole family was hanged, save for a little girl who disappeared!

The main character is Ellison, a true crime-writer who has moved his family into the house where the aforementioned family died, though he omits to mention the horrific history of the house to his wife and children when he moves them in there

Ellison, played by Ethan Hawke, happens upon the box of films in the attic and in so doing sets an evil spirit loose to wreak havoc on his own family. Ellison hasn’t had a successful book in ten years and thinks he may be onto the history of a serial killer with the footage he finds.

From the moment the family arrives at the dark and murky bungalow, you ache for them to decide against it and leave. But instead, Ellison discovers the series of films each of which reveals another grizzly murder of a different family.

The film footage turns out to be the gateway for the spirit in question to take possession of all those who see the images. To add to the terror factor, the evil spirit running the show possesses children not adults, and soon after Ellison viewing the tapes, his son starts having nightmares.

Through the film, we see Ellison falling apart; getting more crazed looking by the minute. It’s quite voyeuristic and we’re not spared any details – including watching the final twitches of a set of victims’ feet as they’re tied onto sunbeds and drowned in the pool.

Director Scott Derrickson winds up the tension and feeling of apprehension for viewers. Sinister is a movie that will have you hiding behind your popcorn, or into the shoulder of the person next to you as you ready yourself for the next shocking scene as Ellison descends into mental chaos.

Sinister was released in the UK on 5 September, and is scheduled to run nationwide until 18 on Edinburgh cinema listings. Check out your local listings to find out where you can get a dose of suspense and fear!