Warner Bros sends spy to Mad Max set to supervise


Seems “Mad Max Fury Road” is just as cursed in-production, as it was in it’s long-gestating development phase.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film is significantly over budget, over schedule and urgently needs to be “kept on track” – so to speak.

Warner big-man Jeff Robinov flew to the Namibia, Africa set of the George Miller-directed film and deemed the movie in need of guidance, as such he’s sent producer Denise Di Novi (“Catwoman”, “A Walk to Remember”) over to supervise the production. Di Novi will merely wear a supervisor’s hat on the project, she won’t be producing it.

“It’s easier having someone there who has experience and who can keep us posted on the day’s events,” says Warner Bros. motion picture group president Robinov, adding that he is optimistic the production will wrap on time.

“Fury Road”, a reboot of the ‘Mad Max’ saga starring Tom Hardy in the part made famous by Mel Gibson, started shooting in July and is due to wrap in November.

Director George Miller is renowned for getting into strife on his movies, he also went over budget on his last film, “Happy Feet 2”.