10 Breaking Bits : Zoolander 2, Animal Practice, Tammy, RoboCop, Apes, Life of Pi & More


1. NBC has nixed “Animal Practice” starring Justin Kirk; repeats of “Whitney” will now air in it’s place.

2. Shirley MacLaine is in talks to co-star in “Tammy”, a road trip comedy starring and co-written by Melissa McCarthy.

3. Andy Samberg will star in an untitled comedy series for Fox, about “an eclectic group of detectives in a precinct on the fringes of New York City. Samberg will play the station’s top cop in the project.”

4. Mark Bomback is on writing duties on “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”.

5. P.J Hogan will direct Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton in “And So It Goes”, a romantic drama about a realtor who changes his ways after learning he has a daughter. Keaton plays the neighbour that Douglas’s character falls in love with.

6. Wanna see RoboCop ride a motorbike?

7. Ang Lee introduces the following clip from “Life of Pi”. Just for you. The one at the back. No, to the left.

8. Another character trailer for “The Man With the Iron Fists” has been released, this one fixing on Russell Crowe’s ‘Jack Knife’ character.

9. Lady Gaga has been offered a role in Ben Stiller’s long-gestating sequel to “Zoolander”, playing Derek Zoolander’s (Stiller) love interest.

10. Wanted : “Contagion 2” writer.