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Hanna talks Thor 2 and more with Tom Hiddleston at the BFI Awards

Even though the blockbuster ”Thor” introduced me to the Tom Hiddleston it wasn’t until I saw the talented actor in ”The Deep Blue Sea” that I developed a bit of a schoolgirl crush. But it looks like I’m not the only lady to experience butterflies when Tom appears on screen, as readers voted T-Hiddy as the 2nd sexiest man alive… losing the top spot to some guy called RPattz.

His rising success over the last year recommended him for a place on the judging panel for BFI London Film Festival Award for Best Newcomer. But I couldn’t resist asking Tom about his 2nd place adulation on Saturday night, and with a modest smile on his face he said ‘it’s pretty cool to be in the list frankly.’

But taking a second he admitted ‘it’s sort of a wonderful complement’, even though I had to disagree when he suggested Robert Pattinson was obviously the sexier choice.

Throughout his career the 31-year old has filled the shoes of the upperclass well, not surprising for an Old Etonian and Cambridge graduate, but did Tom dream of playing more grimier roles?

‘Totally! Absolutely! – Recently I played a vampire (in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive) which is exciting because there’s nothing uppercrust about him.’

But it’s not the way he likes to approach roles: ‘To be honest with you I never see it that way. I get excited by stories and by characters and by human complexities.’

His role in Jarmusch’s latest feature will certainly meet all these pre-requisites as he plays an undead musician reuniting with his eternal lover (Tilda Swinton) as he becomes ever more disillusioned with the social direction of the human race.

And with the director of ”Broken Flowers” and ”Ghost Dog” steering this ship we can rest assured it won’t be veering into ”Twilight” waters.

But on the subject of his biggest movie role in ”Avengers” as the Norse god Loki – who is currently recovering from a beatdown by the Hulk – the gentleman actor was keeping schtum about the next offering: ‘I can’t tell you a single word’

Hmmm… no little titbits from filming on ”Thor 2” then?

‘Generally it’s going tremendously.’

Part of the enjoyment must be from working with good friend Chris Hemsworth, who Tom affectionately describes as his best mate on set: Well Chris and me go a long way back – it’s our third film together and it’s great.’

‘He’s huge fun – it’s almost like we’re real brothers now.’

Nice to hear that their sibling rivalry isn’t reflected off-screen and with the Aussie actor now based in London no doubt their brotherly affection is something they can share more often.

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