Paranormal Activity 5 and Latino Spin-Off Confirmed for 2013


Paramount’s micro-budget “Paranormal Activity 4” was an easy frontrunner at the U.S (and Australian) box office this weekend, snagging over $30 million in ticket sales (thought that’s slightly behind “Paranormal Activity 3″, it’s still an amazing result”). As such, no surprise to hear that the greenlight was pressed this morning on a fifth installment -due next Halloween.

Deadline reports that “Paranormal Activity 5” is a lock for October 2013, but has yet to announce who’ll be in charge of the new film – director wise.

The site also has an update on the previously-announced Latino version of “Paranormal Activity”, reporting that Christopher Landon (the writer of “Disturbia”) is directing. The film will include the same creepy spite in the English-language version, but will star Latino actors and be in Spanish.

”This will be an off-shoot aimed at the groups who have been the biggest supporters of the property – Latinos and folks in Latin America – Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina,” a Paramount insider tells the site.

A teaser clip for the Latino version was placed at the end of “Paranormal Activity 4”.