Brandon T.Jackson to play Axel Foley’s son on TV’s Beverly Hills Cop


While Brett Ratner’s been scratching his arse, all while remaining chuffed at the idea of directing a new “Beverly Hills Cop” (won’t be happening now, unsure if he’s got the memo), CBS and Eddie Murphy have been cartwheeling over a plan to turn the popular film series into a TV show – words courtesy “Shield” creator Shawn Ryan.

The show, which may or may not suck worse than a toothless librarian on a poor loans day, will feature on Axel Foley’s son – with Murphy making the odd appearance as dad.

Now, according to the Humor Mill, the “son” part has been filled. Brandon T. Jackson (“Percy Jackson.. And the thingie of thingies with the whatsie”) is Axel Junior, clean-speaking offspring of Axel and Billy Rosewood (guessing?).

In case you hadn’t heard, the new series will revolve around Axel Foley’s son who is trying to escape the shadow of his father (Murphy) who is now Chief Of Police in Detroit.

The Beverly Hills Cop franchise yielded three features starring Murphy in 1984, ’87 and 1994, and the new television show will be centered around Foley’s son, Aaron Foley who is a blue-collar cop who is also on the force and struggling to escape the shadow of his father.

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