Bond 24 & 25 : John Logan’s pre-Xmas bonus from 007 producers


Like the two dots that link Dame Judi’s first cheek to the other, the next James Bond movie will encompass some sort of connection….And I’m not simply referring to the fact that the guy in the movies answers to ‘Jim’ occasionally, drinks and screws like a Motley Crue roadie on each trip he goes on, and struggles to get past the letter ‘M’ when continuing his in-movie memorization of the alphabet. Nope, Bond 24 and Bond 25 will be connected story-wise – just as “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” were; furthermore, they’ll both be penned by Bond-staple and “Gladiator” scribe John Logan.

John Logan. That’s this guy, right?

Oh, my mistake.

Still, with the great reaction to Logan’s latest Bond script work, on “Skyfall”, audiences, execs and critics combined shouldn’t be spitting Doritos.

Can’t tell you how pleased, personally, I was to discover that “Skyfall” wasn’t the oft-rumoured “Drop Zone” sequel but a new 007 venture. Seeing it Thursday… can’t wait! I have