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Exclusive : Anderson on Boogie Nights 2 : Dirk Diggler’s Dead Now.

With this boob jiggling world seemingly inching closer to a pop-up apocalypse, the question of “Wonder if Paul Thomas Anderson has ever considered doing a Boogie Nights 2?” has likely crossed your mind more than once. Even if it hasn’t, you’d likely find it a fair-enough proposal – particularly with how much the porn industry has changed since Dirk Diggler tucked his trunk back into his trousers.

I had the chance to ask Anderson – out stumping “The Master” down under – about whether or not he’s ever considered updating us on the current movements of porn king and ‘You got the Touch’ singer Dirk Diggler (played by Mark Wahlberg in the 1998 film) what with the skin-flick industry changing yet again in recent times.

“You’re right.. the whole online thing”, begins Anderson, “[But] you know, I wonder how many of these characters would even still be alive? Probably a few of them, but I fear that most of them might be dead. I doubt Dirk Digger’s still alive. He’d be probably gone. I couldn’t see him making it.

“I can see Burt Reynolds’ character Jack Horner still going on, though.”

So can we champion you to start writing a ‘Horner’ spin-off then, Paul? Burt back in his Oscar nominated role? No? Maybe? What if….

Okay. Not gonna happen.

I think we all know Anderson’s not the type of filmmaker who likes to repeat himself, so a sequel to anything is likely off the cards. What might be ahead for the talented writer/director though is a comedy – he’s likely been nudged by his comedian wife Maya Rudolph – which he says he just has to find time to write. A PTA (as opposed to T ‘n A) comedy? Yes please! Might just about to fill the gaping hole in some of our tummy’s, grumbling for more “Boogie” fever.

I actually had a fab chat with Anderson, in which we discussed – of course, “The Master” – but also his mutual love of John McTiernan’s back-catalog, in particular the original “Die Hard”. You can give it a read in a few days, right here.

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